Unigon Manga

Unigon Manga

Résumé: Long time ago people started to improve their genetics with animal ones and here we are now, in a world of half human half animal creatures. There are a lot of variations of such creatures, some are very common and some not at all. Shio Chiyo is has the \'\'luck\'\' of being born a unicorn and he absolutely hates everything about it. Everyone automatically likes him and assumes he\'s radiant and social boy when in reality he\'s quite the opposite. He has no friends at all and tries to avoid others at all cost, expecially children, but one day a new student arrives. Kikuchi Ryoto is a dragon, also a very rare creature to be. He\'s exactly the opposite of Shio and tries to befriend him right away, what Kikuchi doesn\'t know is that Shio is kinda hard to deal with...

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